E.g. EN441773442IN

How to do Speed POST Tracking online?

After successfully sending Speed POST Parcel at Speed POST Office, customer or sender are given a 13 characters Speed POST Tracking Number. Sender can do Speed POST Tracking of their parcels using these tracking numbers.

Let's have a look at How to do Speed POST Tracking online.

Option 1: Track Speed POST using 13 characters Tracking Number For eg. EN441773442IN
Step 1:

Check the above Speed POST Tracking Form.

Step 2:

Enter the Speed POST tracking number.
Please refer your Speed POST receipt received from Speed POST Office while booking your Parcel.

Step 3:

Then Submit Form by clicking "TRACK SPEED POST" button.

Step 4:

On form submission, your Speed POST Status will be shown.
Details like Speed Post Booking Date, Speed Post Current Status, In-Transit Shipping Events along with date and time is displayed on the status page.

Option 2: Using Speed Post Tracking via SMS
Speed POST also allows us to track Speed Post Parcel via SMS.
for example To track article No.EE21234321IN

POST TRACK EE21234321IN (then send to 166 or to 51969 number)
  • The SMS message is case sensitive. Use only CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Status will be available for booked items up to 60 days from the date of SMS inquiry.
  • All service providers in the country provide the service.
  • The rates charged by the Service provider apply.

Where to find my Speed Post tracking number?

Please refer your Speed POST receipt received from Speed POST Office while booking your Parcel.

Sample Speed POST Tracking Receipt:

Speed Post Tracking Number Format

A Speed Post tracking number should be made up of 13 digits and letters. It normally starts with two capital letters, then a nine-digit number, and ends with two capital letters. Because Speed Post is an Electronic Mail Service (EMS), the tracking number should begin with E, followed by another capital letter, and end with India's country code, which is IN.

Here are some examples of the Speed Post tracking number:

  • EE4432121232IN
  • EK665434234IN
  • EG662345332IN

Speed POST Addressing Tips:

  • Write proper address:
    Always write a complete and correct address if you want it to arrive quickly. Use the PIN Code.
  • Place Address on right side:
    When writing an envelope, write the addressee's address on the front side and the sender's address on the back.
  • Make it simple to read:
    Make sure the address is readable from some distance by printing it clearly or typing it with a pen. Avoid all commas, periods, and other punctuation.
How to address an envelop
  1. On an envelope, the address of the addressee must be placed on the front and the sender's address must be written on the back. The envelope's left, bottom, and right sides must all have a minimum of 15mm of blank space.
  2. If there is a gap of at least 10mm between the recipient's address block and the top right corner, the sender's company name and logo may be written there.
  3. There must be a minimum space of 40 mm between the address block and the top.
  4. A maximum area of 74 mm may be used for stamps or Frank impressions.
  5. A silent area of 5 mm should be left around a 2D barcode, and 15 mm should be left at the bottom of the envelope for bar code printing.
  6. The sender's logo shouldn't be larger than 25 x 50 mm, and the 2D barcode should be at least 18 x 18 mm in size.
  7. In the window of the envelope, the printed bar code and quiet zone should be at least 60 mm long and 10 mm wide and be easily visible.
  8. If an advertisement is placed on a privately manufactured envelope or an inland letter card, a silent zone of at least 10 mm must be maintained on all sides of the address block.

Speed POST Packaging Tips - Packing Parcels:

  1. A parcel should ideally be packed and wrapped in a moderately sturdy case wrapper, cover, or other container that is fastened in a way that will protect the contents from loss or damage in transit, prevent tampering, and avoid harm to other postal items. If a package contains cloth or woolen material, it must be wrapped tightly and have a sturdy outer layer made of cloth or cardboard. For packaging a package, it is advised to use a sturdy cardboard or wooden case depending on the nature of the item.
  2. Liquid and easily liquefiable compounds must be transported in a double container. There must be space between the first container (a bottle, talk box, etc.) and the second container (which must be a box made of metal or hard wood) so that sawdust, bran, or some other absorbing material can be placed there to absorb all the liquid contents in the event of a break.

Speed POST Tariff Structure:

Weight Local Area Up to 200 Kms. 201 to 1000 Kms. 1001 to 2000 Kms. Above 2000 Kms.
Up to 50 grams ₹15 ₹35 ₹35 ₹35 ₹35
51 grams to 200 grams ₹25 ₹35 ₹40 ₹60 ₹70
201 grams to 500 grams ₹30 ₹50 ₹60 ₹80 ₹90
Additional 500 grams or part thereof ₹10 ₹15 ₹30 ₹40 ₹50
* Taxes as periodically announced by the Central Government are not included in the tariff.
* In addition to Speed Post fees, Proof of Delivery fees is ₹10.00 per article.

Speed POST Delivery Time Norms Between Cities:

Area - Distance Average Days Taken
Local * 1-2 Days
Metro-Metro 1-3 Days
State Capital to State Capital 1-4 Days
Same State 1-4 Days
Rest of the Country 4-5 Days
For All Categories of Mail the Delivery in Branch Offices will take one additional Day

*Local shall mean:
  • Articles booked and to be delivered within known PIN codes for Metro Cities.
  • Articles booked and to be delivered within Municipality limit-for cities other than Metro cities.
  • Articles booked and to be delivered within the same PIN code delivery jurisdiction - for Small Towns areas having no defined town delivery area.

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